Monday, November 29, 2010

Vacation is over...

Being a "StayCation" instead of a vacation, it seemed to last much longer than when we go someplace. The boys tried to keep up with their lessons, but it is hard to do with Mr C here. Both Dan and Sam seem to study better while listening to music, so I let them. (They wear headphones.) Mr C doesn't feel that they are devoting enough brain to learning, if part of the brain is listening to music. (When Mr C listens to music, it is an exclusive activity. He devotes 100% of his brain to listening to the music. For me, music is a background activity.)

We now have all the bedding rewashed from our company.  Why yes, it WAS all washed just prior to their visit. However, between dogs making themselves at home, and the boys just tossing EVERYTHING into the laundry, instead of just sheets... ALL the bedding got rewashed. (Just in time for Mom and Becky to come NEXT week. At least they will know everything is really, really clean, as it went into bags as soon as it came from the dryer!)

Tomorrow is back to work for both Tom and I. He will dread it most, since he has been off since the11th. I should have a "regular" work day, though if I am offered to stay and help get the store prepped for our inventory on the 13th, I will do it. (My regular work days usually have me home by 9:30 at the latest).

I dragged out all my sewing stuff today; the fabrics, patterns, accoutrements. Then I decided I was just NOT up to starting a new sewing project at the moment. I want to start with a little vest for Ty, since Glynna didn't really like any of the patterns I had to choose from for little girl dresses. I don't want to waste my time on something that isn't going to get worn because it is "dowdy". I have some cow patterned material, it will make a perfect "Woody" vest. I just need to make a pattern for it... and vests are fairly easy to pattern. I wish I could find the black and white striped binding (bias tape would work if I could only find it in striped!) like Woody has on his vest. I can even sew a little gold fabric star to it for a sheriff's badge. (And wouldn't a pair of chaps to go with it be CUTE!... but I have no clue how to make chaps!)

So I just wandered off and left my sewing stuff on the table. I know if I don't start a project EARLY in the day, I just don't get it going at all. All my giddy-up is gone before 2 pm. (I DO get up early, though.) Perhaps I will get with the program tomorrow!

I dragged out photo albums while Connor and Alana were here. Alana especially seemed to enjoy looking at the pictures of her Uncles and Daddy when they were little. Gosh, it doesn't seem like all that long ago when my "grown" kids were babies! I had several stories to tell Glynna... she had never heard about the time Bill tried to walk on water with "floaties" on his feet... or the time he leaped from a barn roof with a tarp duct taped to his wrists and ankles, hoping to glide to the ground like a flying squirrel. (Neither attempt was met with success!) Alana was so gullible, it was a shame to tease her. A picture of her Daddy, with a cake that had "12" on it in front of him. She asked, "Is daddy 12 in this picture?" I said no, it is his one-half birthday. he was between one and two years old. "Oh." she says. Seeing as how she was believing that this picture of a semi-grown kid is really between one and two years old, I had to tell her YES, he was 12. I told Tom I couldn't believe she was this gullible. (He said "Goat's milk and eggs!")

Of course, I remember gullible. I was the kid whose Mommy and Daddy said they didn't know whether I was a boy or a girl, at first, since they had to get the hairy little monkey from the chandelier to check. Man... I had had two kids of my own before I realized there are no chandeliers in delivery rooms. I also believed Mom when I asked her how do you tell a boy baby from a girl baby?... and she said, You check their booties. Boy babies have blue booties, girl babies have pink booties. (Sex Ed, 1968)

Well, I hope you have a blessed evening. Mr C has come to claim his turn on the computer!


Becky said...

I am that gullible! She doesn't get it all from Jennifer.

tammy landoll said...

awww i loved it i love hearing about when you were growing up