Friday, November 12, 2010

On Order...

My #4 son, Tommy, who has requested I update my blog.
Here you go, Tommy.

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit "punky". One of my ... ahem... "girls" had developed some inflammation. I called and made an appointment right away. Doc took a look today, and decided to agree with me: an infected cyst. I had figured cyst instead of duct, as well, I know the symptoms of mastitis and this isn't it.

So I am on a high dosage of antibiotics, and should see improvement by Monday. Followup the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving for us will be here this year. Mr C says we are not going anywhere. Today is the second day of his vacation... which stretches interminably ahead, and he is already bored to bits. So far, we have Ben, and Bill Joe (with Glynna and Nickole), Connor and Alana... for our big day.

Happy Birthday (Saturday) to my DIL Glynna.

Dan and Sam got their "cloaks" finished. To me... these cloaks look like hemmed rectangles of black fabric. I expected them to want something more... garment-like. I got busy on the neglected baby dress for Kimber Ann. I got the yoke stitched down, and installed the zipper! (My very first zipper, EVER!!!) The next step calls for bias taping the armholes. WHAT? Bias tape... how did I miss seeing I needed bias tape?  So Bias tape is on my list... and though I checked at WalMart today... they no longer carry it. It went out when they disposed of their fabric department. So, the little dress is further delayed. (I really didn't feel much like doing anything today.)

For supper tonight, we cooked up a knock-off of P F Changs lettuce wraps. I used ground turkey, fresh cabbage, green peppers, leeks, and water chestnuts. We fried up the "Maifun Rice Sticks", which go "whoosh!" as soon as they hit the hot oil, and pretty much fill the pan instantly. I had Dan make some jasmine rice. Then we made wraps of the lettuce leaves... a scoop of the turkey/ veggie mixture, a dollop of rice, and a sprinkle of the fried noodles. Tasty!

I just learned that my DD Becky is planning to come for a few days this next week! YAY!!! (I hope I can finish the dress before she arrives, but it doesn't look promising. Monday, I go to an O'Reilly's in Fayetteville to work inventory there.

Tom and I discussed the fact that, although Dan and Sam took over Ben's room when he moved out, so they could each have their "own" bedroom... they continue to sleep in the same room, whichever of the rooms they choose to sleep in. I said I would like to dismantle one of the captains bunks and use that room for the treadmill, set up my sewing machine, and have it for guests when necessary. Tom thought it should be set up as a "proper classroom". The boys were none too keen on ANY of our ideas.

Nevertheless, we set to work trying to get their sleeping arrangements in one room, and a classroom/ media room/ sewing room in the other. We made a colossal mess... and decided to just leave things mostly as they were... moving only a computer from one bedroom to the other. We jam crammed two twin mattresses into a small closet... whatever you do... do NOT open that door! Then this inflammation really started to kick me up. I gave up for the day. And didn't start back today... so now we have a deadline... be done before Becky arrives! (They will move in together during guest visits, but are each keeping their own room/ top bunk.)

In assisting supervising demanding the boys CLEAN their rooms, I discovered they still had TRASH from at least 13 months ago... when one of my older boys stayed with us for awhile. Sheesh. I will have to be invading their spaces more closely from now on.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you have had a blessed day today, and even more blessed tomorrow!

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