Monday, November 1, 2010

Liver and Onions

Liver and onions were on the menu tonight. It has been so long since I made it, the twins didn't recall ever having had it before.

I thawed the liver early in the day. Once it was (mostly) thawed, I rinsed it, and put it into a bowl, then covered it with milk. I like to soak it in milk for several hours, as it seems to take the 'edge' off the taste.

When I was pretty much ready to cook, I drained the milk off the liver. While it sat in a colander  in the sink, I mixed plain flour with salt and pepper. I went a bit heavy on the salt, as this was the main seasoning I was adding. After dredging the liver through the seasoned flour, I set it aside.

I had the boys slice 3 onions into half moon slices. I cut 3 strips of bacon into 1" slices.

Fry the bacon, remove from pan to snack on or add to another dish. (Ours went into au gratin potatoes). Add the onion slices to the hot bacon grease and saute them until soft and browning. Remove to a bowl. Add a small amount of cooking oil to the skillet, and add the liver. Fry until the juices run clear, turning often. Pour most of the pan greases out of the skillet. Add enough of the flour/salt/pepper dredging mixture to the remaining grease in the skillet to make a roux. Brown the roux. Add (1) 11.5 oz. can of V-8 and another can (more or less) of water, whisking together as it comes to a boil. Return the onions and liver to the gravy, simmer until gravy is desired consistency.

I thought it was the best liver and onions I have ever done. Dan said he was not impressed. Tom had told me all along I was cooking it wrong. His opinion is to cook the liver along with the onions, have no tomato gravy, and serve it with mustard. Sam has yet to express his opinion.

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