Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quieting down...

Bill and Glynna, Ben, and Nickole are on their way back to Duncan. We had a great Thanksgiving. Today is the National Holiday of Ohio State Vs. Michigan. (Ohio won handily.)

Still having Connor and Alana, and all of us kind of tired of poultry... we grabbed some Papa Murphy's Pizza fo supper tonight. Dan thinks the one stuffed crust 5-meat  pizza will be enough. But I also got a "Bacon, Bacon, and Bacon" pizza. (I know Chris would love this one, if he were here to share with us!) The kids are all playing "Risk"
Mr C continues the watching of football. he told Alana and Connor, when they dared ask if they could play video games on Ben's Wii during the Ohio State game... that they can never be real men until they accept that one must watch College Football every Saturday in the Fall. (Of course, Alana will never aspire to be a "real man", but she is getting used to the idea that this is what guys tend to DO, so she may as well get used to it.)

Of all my kids, only Chris and Bill have been die hard College Football fans. The rest of the kids take after Mom, and find "other persuits".

It doesn't look like Becky will be coming up for her visit until after the 4th, as Stephen has a Concealed Carry class that day. I am hoping to go down to Texas on the 10th or 11th, but have to be back for my O'Reilly's inventory on the 13th. I don't yet know if I will get to go or not.

With " Non-denominational Capitalist, Wintertime Gift-giving Season" hard upon us, let me ask you to think of me if you shop Amazon! Please, please, please! link to them through my blog! I have half a dozen or more birthdays coming up in December, so if I can get some $$ together, I will shop there.

I will have more pictures of kids and Grandkids up at Moocrew2 in just awhile, please check them out!
Have a blessed afternoon!

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