Thursday, February 24, 2011


I always have the best intentions of getting organized and STAYING that way. For example, the contents of my purse... organized into ziplock bags. Organized!
Staying organized is my downfall. For example, the contents of my purse. Things that I already had organized in bags are randomly tossed into the purse.

My bookcases... I have schoolwork sections, library sections, kids sections, cookbook sections. Organized!
But then I have library books in a bag on the table. On a chair next to my bed. On the arm of the couch.
Cookbooks on the counter, on the table, on the computer desk. School books are all over the house!

I have the canned goods organized... and then more stuff randomly tossed in every which way.
I have my sewing stuff organized... in a willy nilly stack in the corner by my desk.

At least at work, I am consistent. I know exactly where my pen, highlighter, and markerboard pen are. I keep them "hidden" so that they stay where I can find them! I know where the monthly paperwork is located, separated into date order. The bi-daily paperwork has its place... highlighted for tomorrow or filed from yesterday. My stamp pad has its spot. My repair tabs have their place, as do the colored special order labels. I leave it all just so, every day. And when I return the next day.. it is as I left it. Most of the time. When my co-workers fill in for me, I may find my pen missing, never to be seen again. The repair tabs moved, the special order labels across the room. But I don't crab at them too much... they did the best they could.
My parts get put away in numeric order, according to type and brand. I DO crab when I find these things out of place! How hard IS numeric order? 50004 comes WAAAAAAAYY after 5023, not before it. And having worked shipping and receiving for nearly an entire year now, I have learned to anticipate some seasonal events and prepare my stock room for them.
Today, the lawn and garden batteries came in. Having anticipated this... I had a spot all prepared for them! Using my CDO (that is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but the letters are in order), I even have the U1R batteries on the right hand side, and the U1L batteries on the left hand side of the shelves.

I need to be this organized at home. And be able to maintain the organization. I have decided that as long as my family is helping with the chores, I won't be overly picky about them not putting the sugar back in the exact spot I had prepared for it. Or putting little cups on the mugs shelf. I just set the things back where they belong.
And maybe twitch a little.

OK. So I twitch a lot. Looks like a nervous tic.
But they are doing as little as they can get away with to avoid being asked to do chores trying to help.
I have wondered if a label maker would help them get things into the right spots. But then I think a label maker is just a waste. (Time, label supplies, money.) They would actually have to read the labels and remember not to just leave things laying around when they are done with them. I admit, I am bad about that very thing here at home! We do get a bit frustrated with Mr C though. His favorite thing is to tell everyone to "Clean as you go!... Don't leave things out! put them away as soon as you are done with them!" and then leave a trail behind him for others to deal with. He has no clue he does this. Since I know I am an offender, at least I don't harp on others being guilty of not picking up after themselves.

Well, Time for me to get stuff done around here. I am up to 96 miles of walking for the year, well on target to hit 50 miles a month to make my 600 miles by Dec 31st goal.
Tomorrow is Nickole's birthday! Happy "Twoth" birthday Nicky-Poo!

Have a blessed and happy day!

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