Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Here

The boys have been having a great time in the most snow we have ever had here. Dan has been tunneling through a snowbank across the road. His tunnel is about 15' long, so far. Yesterday's temperature didn't make it TO the teens, and today it should hit the low 20's. So looks like we will have the snow a few more days.
Since Missouri got it worse than we did, I haven't had a freight truck at work since Saturday. This translates to me NOT working since the inventory on Monday. A co-worker says "the store is down to three wiper blades and some pocket lint"... so when a truck does get through, I will be working all day long.

I spent the morning working on some paperwork I need to get mailed. The roads are still rather "iffy", so I am not going to even TRY to get to the post office today. Sam asked me what I was planning for supper tonight... and at first I suggested chicken fried steaks. But then I changed my mind to spaghetti, and some of my breadsticks. That way I can get the bread stick/ pizza crust recipe put up on the cooking blog. (And the spaghetti sauce recipe, if I haven't done that already.)
Mr C called me a few minutes ago to say he was staying at work for lunch today. He says he will buy his lunch from "The Wheel of Death", as he and his co-workers call the lunch vending machine. It has sandwiches, pizzas, fruit, pastries and such in it.

So far, we haven't seen the neighbor hoodlums kids out in the snow. When I looked outside a bit ago, I see sets of footprints going to and from the iced over pond... and prints right out onto the ice. I wish their stupid parental units would just take a look. Follow the kids prints and they will see where their darling little brats angels are going when they turn them out to play. that pond and the parents lack of supervising really scares me.

I have been out to check on Dan and Sam several time... and they are 14. With Dan tunneling through a snowdrift, I want to be sure they are OK.  Yesterday, he heard a vehicle stop as he was tunneling. Thinking it was the postman, he squirmed back out of the tunnel. It wasn't the postman, but a curious guy who had seen the snow being flung out of the opening in the drift. When Dan appeared, the guy gave him a thumbs-up and drove on.

I am hoping to be able to get out tomorrow... I have this packet of paperwork to mail, and really ought to get Becky's stuff sent to her. I would like to get the valentines goodies purchased and sent to the away grandkids.  The nearby grandkids stuff may be bought at the same time, but can wait til closer to the day to get it to them. With me missing an entire week of work, it will sure be cheap valentines goodies!

That's all for now. Have a blessed day!

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