Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do you have IN that thing?

A fellow blogger I read was comparing the size of women's purses to the size of their behinds. Then he remarked/ asked about what all a woman carries in her purse.

My purse has:
My billfold
dental floss
lip ointment
drugs (ibuprofen, blood pressure medication I haven't needed in 2 years, allergy pills, lactaid)(In a ziplock bag)
paperwork (in a ziplock)
change (in a ziplock)
two "lucky Buckeyes"
receipts and other paperwork... not in a ziplock
a boxknife
a pen
another pen
another pen
ponytail holders and hair clips (in a ziplock)
makeup (in a zipock)
another pen
six ponytail holders (NOT in a ziplock)
change (NOT in a ziplock)
an eyeglass case
hand lotion
eye drops (not in a ziplock)
three extra key rings... without keys on them
an emery board
a rock with a hole through it strung on a ball chain
A datebook calendar
a clear travel size box of Q-Tips
A purse size pack of kleenex
my birthday card from my Mom (My birthday was in October!)
A christmas card from a co-worker
a clothespin
an eyeglass repair kit
another ziplock of change
an interesting rock 
eleven old paycheck stubs
a printout of a Google map to an inventory back in December.

My purse is lighter now. I put the change in my Cowwy bank.
MMMM! Purse change fills my tummy!
I tossed the old papers and check stubs. I even have best intentions of looking for a "new" purse, as this one is held together with keychains and safety pins! My problem with purses is they are so... ugly these days. And I hate to spend any more than $10 on one. In fact, I haven't even been able to bring myself to pay $10 for one. So between ugly and expensive, I just have made do with the one I have.

I have to say though, if it is a reflection of the size of my rear end... I'm not doing too bad!

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