Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not the only one with Senior Moments...

Mean Mom Alert!
I told the boys earlier today that there were TWO things they had to get done before today is over: Their math... and the building of a snowman.
Dan said they don't have the scaffolding that was around when Ben and Tommy built their big snowman. I said they don't have to make an epically tall one... they can be creative. look at some Calvin and Hobbes cartoons and have fun with it.

I had one of the neighbor boys come over here with a note... could I take his mom to the store, they were stuck in their driveway? Since Tom had kept our cars cleared yesterday, and shoveled  the driveway... I could get out. The kid said their neighbor on the other side had a "clear driveway" and I could use it so his Mom would not have to walk so far in the snow.
So I pulled down to the neighbors drive....  It had seen some traffic- like a truck or tractor had made ruts through the snow. But my wee little car would no way, no how have been able to make it! His Mom trudged out to the road. We went to town. As long as I was there, I got some milk, and chocolate chips. I could see nice warm cookies fresh from the oven....  *drool*

The boys were so glad to see the bags of chocolate and butterscotch morsels me home! They asked right away if they could open the morsels. I said only if cookies were made TODAY. So, they opened the morsels. I reminded them of the snowman... Dan reluctantly dressed to go out and play in the snow. I asked Sam, wasn't he going? "Someone has to make the cookies" he tells me.

A few minutes later, I got up from in front of the computer to check on the roast in the slow cooker... which I had forgotten to plug in this morning... a fact I discovered some two hours into the "cooking" time. (Senior Moment #1 for the day?)  I saw that the boys had followed earlier instructions... sort of. Scrubbed potatoes were cooking... but no carrots or onions. I got out the carrots... and needed to peel them. I looked and looked for the can opener...  only to discover when I did find it... I was wanting the carrot peeler... NOT the can opener! (Senior Moment #2?)

Meanwhile, Sam is unloading the dishwasher. (He and Daniel take turns cleaning the kitchen.) It was strange that he wasn't whining and complaining about having to unload Dan's dishes. I mentioned the cookies he was supposed to be making. He stops... looks at the dishes in his hands and says , "COOKIES! WHY am I unloading the dishwasher!" (Sam's Senior Moment)
Apparently, he had forgotten why he was in the kitchen.
I sent him out to help with the snowman. The cookies are postponed.

Soon both boys came back inside.. the 20" of snow is still too dry to hold together in either snowballs or snowmen.

Supper is smelling wonderful.

Dan baked a very good "bread" this morning. "Loamhedge Legacy Nutbread" from their Redwall Cookbook. It was chock full of pecans... and I LOVE pecans in anything! I was munching a piece of it... and noticed my whole esophagus was warm, my tummy burning a bit. This bread actually uses red pepper in it! It wasn't too hot in my mouth, I would probably not have noticed the heat, had it not warmed my innards so much.
The author of the Redwall books, Brian Jacques, passed away earlier this week. The boys are sad to learn of this.

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