Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As Kermit always said, "Time is fun when you're having flies!"

I got in an entire four hours at work this morning! Between today and yesterday, I now have more time in than I had the entire previous week.
When I got home, Dan and Sam had finished today's school assignments. I let them goof off for awhile, and then decided that, no matter what our final curriculum choice for this year will be, they ought to take a placement test. So, for the last several hours, they have been hard at work on an online placement test. I told them to take a break... it doesn't all have to be done in one day.

They put on their capes and ran out the back door. Lack of peer pressure means they aren't the least self conscious about racing around outside wearing home made capes.
We usually ask the boys two or three times a year if they would like to go to public school. They have always told me "NO!".

I asked them before we began the placement test, do they like doing all their school work on the computer, or would they rather have real workbooks and textbooks. Dan asked, "Which one is cheaper?" I told him the cost was near enough to be irrelevant. He said he like being able to stretch out on his bunk to do his reading and workbook type subjects. I pointed out that if he had a laptop, he could still do it on his bed, online.
It was pointed out to me that I have stated my grand daughter Nickole's birthdate incorrectly. Her birthday is the 25th, not the 20th, of February. She has just over a week until she turns two.

A few days ago, the husband of one of the girls I went to high school with, passed away. They had known one another since they were 12 and 15, and had been dating since she was 15, married 28 years. He had a heart attack.
And then yesterday I learned that one of the guys I had trained when I worked for Eagle, is in the hospital on life support. His two children have to decide on whether or not to "pull the plug".  His older child is only 20 or so, but they are all S. has left. He has killed himself drinking.

It just makes me so sad.
Well, Thanks for checking in today. Have a blessed day, and tell someone you love them!

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