Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day...

I got Mr C (or myself!) a Paula Deen kitchen tool. It is the "Kitchenmajig" by Ecko, reborn.  (Boy, was he ever impressed!)

I got a box with cookies, and a couple of pretty sweaters from my mom. (Thanks, Mom!)
I sent out the school type Valentine cards to the grandkids and grandparents! Toy Story!

I also sent candies to the grandkids.... I'm sure their parents appreciate the sugar induced hyperactivity.

For supper, I made Chineasy Chicken.  It was tasty.
Aside from doing time on the treadmill, I don't think I have had my real shoes on all day... just my house shoes. I am a person who has to have my feet covered. Socks are a minimum requirement. I put my shoes on first thing in the morning, and they stay on until late in the evening... or sometimes all the way until bedtime. I just don't go barefoot.

I don't remember if I have ever posted about the accident I had in third grade, where I boiled the skin off both feet. I was cleaning the bathroom as a surprise for Mom. I thought that the best way to clean the tub was to fill it with hot water, and then use the toilet scrubber to wash the sides. the tub had sliding glass doors. Dressed in my patent leather Mary Janes, I was standing straddled the sides of the tub... one foot against the top of the tub along the wall, the other along the narrow edge of the tub inside the glass doors.

My Mary Janes slipped, and I fell into the water, which was about four inches deep and still filling. The water heater was set to deliver water pretty well at the boiling point. I grabbed the door rail, which slid me back and forth as the door rolled along its tracks.

I was screaming... and my brother Rick grabbed me and pulled me out of the tub. He ran to get my Mom. I climbed up onto the sink vanity and turned on the cold water... I stuck my feet, shoes and all, under the cold water.  Mom was on the phone, but hung up to come see what the commotion was about. As I took off my shoes and socks... my skin stayed in the socks.

Mom called a neighbor, who drove us to the  ER. His wife looked after my brothers. I remember my feet were bandaged for weeks, and I had to go several times a week to have the dead skin removed and my feet re bandaged. My Camp Fire Girl group brought me games and books. I returned to school on crutches, as one foot was worse than the other. Everyone though I was so brave... I just felt stupid!

I don't know if I went barefoot much before then, I really don't remember. But the burns made my feet very sensitive, so I know I seldom went barefoot afterwards. Most of the pigmentation tissue was burned off, so my feet don't tan. Since I seldom get outside enough to develop much of a tan, that really isn't a problem! If I DO happen to get a tan, I have "white sock" tan lines, even if I TRY to tan my feet.

I don't know that I can remember a time that I painted my toenails. I have whatever is opposite of a foot fetish... a foot revulsion? I don't want people messing with my feet... the thoughts of a pedicure sends waves of revulsion through me.

Well, so much for Valentines Day...  Hope you aren't too grossed out by my foot post!
Have a blessed day, thanks for reading!


Becky said...

I don't think I ever knew that Ma! Ouchie!

Anonymous said...

That is 'weird' because I dreamed about that very thing last night !! Woke up with 'chills'