Friday, February 11, 2011


Today was another day I didn't work get a truck at O'Reilly's. The roads here have pretty much cleared off, and the boss said YES, I will be working tomorrow.
 I scrubbed my bathroom and forced Sam to scrub the boys' bathroom. Dan cleaned the kitchen and neatened the front room. We had intended to go over to Bentonville/ Rogers and buy Dan a new pair of shoes at the New Balance store, and pick up my reserved library book. I got Valentines ready to send out to those who weren't getting boxes... and missed the postman. So we had to add a stop by the post office to our errands.

But I saw  (on Facebook) that my grandkids had been out of school for two full weeks at home, with the weekend looming large. I asked if they would like to come for the weekend. They were agreeable, so I went to Siloam Springs instead of Bentonville. Dan got his New Balance sneakers, but at The Shoe Dept instead of at the NB store. My library book was put off... maybe it will still be there Monday? Since there is a Post Office in just about every little byway in America, we mailed the Valentines while we were out.

Sam thought Chicken Fajita Alfredo sounded good for supper, and I needed a few other things... so Dan and I stopped by WalMart with Connor and Alana. We got our supplies, plus a few extra goodies. Alana is now decorating some sugar cookies... Connor didn't want to help. At the store, Alana chose the breakfast cereal, Connor chose the soda pop. Connor also chose the "everything" loaf of deli bread we will warm up with garlic butter to go with our Alfredo and salad for supper tonight.

They are fixing to go out and play in the snow. It has warmed up to 38*, but we still have PLENTY of snow on the ground. (Finally to snowman/ snowball consistency!) They have played with the Magnetix, and raced cars on Ben's Wii (under supervision from their uncles). Whew... almost out of entertainment ideas and it is just three hours since I picked them up! (I'm sure it is taking them longer to dress than they will actually play out in the snow!)

Shortly after I arrived home, I got a phone call from my godfather, Paul! I haven't heard from him in ages. We had a nice chat. I linked him to the pictures over at Moocrew2.

That's been my day... other than the usual laundry, walking the treadmill, and cruising the Internets!
Have a blessed day!

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