Thursday, February 10, 2011

My wish for you...

I wish for you: a very happy day. May you realize all the blessings you have. May happiness surround you and dwell within you this day.

Today the sun is shining, blindingly, off our 20 inches of fresh snow. We have giant snow drifts. The snow is dry as powder and as light as down feathers. Pictures are up over at Shutterfly. (The word Pictures is a link to the site). Those are from yesterday and from the blizzard at the first of the month. Sure looks like the local weather and old timers had it right... so very few people around here can remember it EVER being this snowy. Maybe I SHOULD of bought one of those sleds at WM the other day!

Mr C was able to get to work this morning, as he and the boys (mostly Dan) dug out the cars and driveway yesterday. The snow plow came through and cleared the roads of all but the least bit of snow. (Sam was bathing while tom and Dan shoveled... then used the opportunity of the ONE time I actually went out into the snow... to hack my facebook page I had left open. (I left it open because I was bundled up to go outside when Becky popped up to chat. I told her I would be right back. I THOUGHT both boys were outside.)

Have a blessed day. Give someone you love a big hug and let them know you care!

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