Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Lucid Dreams" and disasters

My son Ben has been practicing learning to know when he is dreaming...inside the dream... so that he can control the events of the dream.

The last few nights I have had some wild and crazy dreams myself.
In the first one, I was at a house in a valley, between some hills. There was a stream and a field behind the house. What looked like storm clouds began to gather in the northeast... and then the most AMAZING sight... a HUGE white horse appeared behind the trees on the hill. Huge doesn't really do justice to describing the size of the horse... it was taller than the 130' tall trees growing on the hillside.

I called out for my family (It was mostly Tom's family... his Mom, brother Bob, sister Joyce, as well as the twins were there.) to come see what was happening... this could simply NOT BE. The horse spread massive white wings and beat the air... sending tree smashing gusts of wind.

Wait a minute!  For one thing, it is impossible for a horse to get that large. And for another thing... horses do NOT have wings. Therefore, I MUST be dreaming!

I said as much to the family. Bob said, "No... you aren't dreaming... we can all see the same thing!" He pointed out the rolling clouds of dust the wind from the horse's wings was stirring up... as it boiled back into the sky, the dust looked like a man's hands reaching down.

This was some serious stuff! I was praying that my kids were all OK, and wondering what was happening wherever they were at. MomArlene said we needed to get prepared to hold our home as long as we could. Bob rigged up a way to operated the well pump without electricity. MomArlene and I began to assess the stock of foods... enough to last us all about seven days...

Then Mr C woke me up.
Since then, I have found myself repeatedly wondering just how prepared we really are in the face of some catastrophic disaster. It doesn't have to be a giant winged horse to be a nightmarish disaster. We are pretty complacent as a people. We expect to be able to get to the grocery store... if not today, because of weather, or illness, or earthquake... then certainly by next week. We don't give a lot of thought to the supply lines... the things that have to happen for us to get water, electricity, gasoline, and food.

So few of us today put food by... canning, freezing, hunting and fishing... we would not be prepared for a major disaster. What will we do when the stores aren't refilled with food, the gas stations are out of gas, and water doesn't flow from our faucets? Are we ready for the "lean" seasons... such as the ones that came after the years of "fat" in Joseph's time? (Joseph of the Bible)

I think my current household could last at least 10 days... maybe two weeks. I would find myself having to do some emergency canning if the electricity failed... after we ran out of gas for the generator. But we could eat. Water could prove a problem, without power.

Since the disasters seems to be a recurring theme of my dreams the last couple of months, I am thinking I will do more to become prepared for survival! Perhaps preparing will alleviate whatever is in my mind that disturbs my dreams so much.

The second recurring theme of my dreams is moving to my own house. It never seems to be the SAME house I move to... but several times a week I can count on dreaming of having my own place. Sometimes it is in a town, with people close by. Sometimes it is out in the country. It is always a big place... though not usually in great shape! Many times my grown kids are living there, as well as my grandkids. (Becky was in my dream last night, with Tyrel, Kimber, and a baby girl who was the size Kimber is now!)

Happy trails... be blessed!

Remember that our "meeting place" in case of a disaster is supposed to be Grandpa Bill's house. Maybe we should have Becky's place as a back-up... though that would sure impose on Nola!

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