Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing around

I have been playing around on the blog this morning, giving it a bit of a face lift. (I could use one myself, but this is as close as I am likely to get!)
After being off for four days, I went in and worked an eight hour shift on Saturday. (I had an hour lunch, so I was there for nine hours.) It was busy, not only in shipping and receiving, but on the register as well. I sold MANY wiper blades, and enough washer fluid to fill a bathtub. I discovered how completely rusty I am on the register... and at standing on concrete for such a long time.
So far, the snow predicted for today has all gone south of us. It is supposed to be (relatively) nice tomorrow, breaking out of freezing temperatures into the upper 30's. The roads are now mostly clear... but the rumor mill at work has folks battening down for mid-week. Since I don't usually watch local news and weather, I just hear what the locals are saying: "The worst storm EVER seen in this part of the country". "This next storm is going to put the last one to shame!"
As we now have more snow on the ground now than I have ever seen (since I was a toddler in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains), this would have to be some storm!
(The day after the blizzard, we got another 5" to 7".)
I am planning to make it to the library tomorrow. I placed several books on hold, after having run out of reading materials this week. Who knew I would be off an extra four days and get them all read?
I didn't go to WalMart with Mr C this morning. I got up and Twin was playing a video game. I spoke to Twin several times, he responded several times. I did my daily treadmilling. I showered. I came out and asked Twin if Sam was still sleeping. He gives me "the look" and stated "DANIEL went to the store with Dad."
All the time I had thought I was talking to Daniel... some hour and a half! I never once thought it was Sam. Oops. These two seem to look MORE alike all the time.

I spent a good hour working on the taxes online... only to discover that they don't do direct deposit and wanted to refund to us on a debit card. No Thank You! And it was going to cost almost as much as having the pro guys do it... so maybe tomorrow Tom and I will get down there and let our regular tax guys take care of it.
For supper tonight: Pork and Sauerkraut. Hope I have enough potatoes to mash, since I forgot to put potatoes on The List.
That's it... another cold snowy, boring day here.
Hope your day is blessed!

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truth said...

That is so funny about talking to the wrong twin.

Like the remake, but Tammy, you gotta have a link to your food/recipe blog on the main page here. Make it easy for us to find!