Wednesday, November 19, 2008

dreaming again

I was on my drive home from work, and it was raining. But the closer I got to the house, the worse things looked. Coming down Vaughn Road , I saw that the road was washed out at the sides, narrowing it to a single lane, and there was a lot of traffic. People were fleeing... something. I got home, and discovered a huge flood river was flowing along beside of the house. It was still raining, with an overcast darkness. The house was full of family.
As dreams often do, part of it continued, but the location changed. While I was driving home to THIS house, this was not the house where I found myself, safe with my family, as the dream went on. From the windows I could see so much stuff floating by... furniture, debris, people in makeshift boats and real boats, struggling down the flood river in the rain. It was cold and the wind was blowing. I looked out and saw a girl struggling, trying to swim- but exhausted by the cold water and weakening.

I ran to the edge of the flood river, and held out a fish-landing net. (It was a blue net on the end of an aluminum pole.) I hauled the girl in, and my family helped me get her inside. We got her dry, and discovered she knew Becky from some events in a town far to the east of the house. I felt compelled to go back to the flood river. The family objected... it was cold and raining, and when I stood by the window to see out, the wet wind blew in. So I went on outside to the edge of the deck. The water was sweeping along directly under my feet, yet I had no fear. I knew my house was safe and secure even in the midst of the flood. I began to fish other things out of the water with the net. To my horror, I snagged a body.

I pulled it in anyway, and commanded the man to breathe. I commanded in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Who created you, breathe! The man began to breathe, and then recover. My family came out and helped him inside, to get dry and warm.

I saw a woman drift by in a very small boat, trying to protect a tiny baby from the rain and cold. It was impossible to do, on the water, in the cold and windy downpour. I thought to myself :"This is what God meant in the Bible when he said for us to pray that our flight comes not in the winter, and woe to her her who has a small child."
Then, in the flood river, what was that? An arm? I ran along the shore a bit, then grabbed hold of a fence post and waded out a bit. I extended the net, and a hand grabbed feebly. It was a boy, about 10 years old. I had to keep him from leaping back into the water as he revived. "My brothers, My brothers! Dad is going to kill me if I don't find my brothers!". He was surprised that I knew his name was Richard. (I was surprised, too!) I tried to tell him that his Dad would be so thankful to know that HE survived, and we would try to find his brothers later.
Richard cried out as I saw a small boy float by face down. I held on to the post again, and hauled in the little body. Without hesitation, I again commanded, in the Name of Jesus, for him to live. Breathe! He began at once to breathe. I was dipping the net into the water blindly, when I fished out the baby brother. He, too, began to breathe upon command in the name of Jesus.

About this time, Tom called for me to wake up, it was time to get up. I'm dreaming! All of this was a dream! I should have known... I pulled four bodies from a flood, and commanded them to live, and they ALL lived. I could never do that in reality.
Then, as often happens when God is trying to make a point to me through a dream, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said "It is not because the power of God is not available to you to do this, 100% of the time. It is because you lack the faith to operate in it. I am showing you these things to prepare you to operate in God's power 100% of the time."

At that moment, I woke up completely.
Definitely an attention getting dream. I thought about it for awhile, then posted it here. I am interested in what it may mean. So many dreams fade instantly when I wake up, but this one lingered in my mind. I wonder why my family stayed in the house, instead of coming out to the river? Why did I feel I needed to be out in the cold rain? Why, in so many of my dreams, do I feel compelled to command the dead to life? Comments?


truth said...

It's interesting, I was reading in Ezekiel 37 yesterday. That is the story of the dry bones and the Lord had Ezekiel speak life to them.

This passage has always intrigued me. Would I have the faith to speak life into something so dead?

I'll think more on your words.

Mom said...

Have no ideas on your dream, but need to give you some prayer requests.....your uncle Johnny called me last night to tell me that Dennis (Clark--he came to the reunion last year) had an accident in his big rig out in Las Vegas...various injuries, including head trauma...he is in critical condition in a hospital there. Don't have much more info than that right now. Also his grandaughter Jaime is going to lose a kidney due to some type of infection so pray for her. Then in AR ... Ruth emailed that Amanda is back in ICU ..taken by ambulance last night..I think ST Mary's there in say a prayer for her too. Love you lots ttyl Mom

Becky said...

I am about to post my dream from the night before last that you just reminded me of. So much like this one. Kinda freaks me out.