Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leftovers/ plans

We are having to learn to cook all over again.
It seems like no matter what we make for supper, we have food left over. Leftovers are not BAD... but after the third or fourth day straight of trying to eat Tom's goulash, we begin to wish that he had not made quite so much in the first place.
I grew up in a family with 6 kids. Our house was where all the kids came to play... and usually stayed to dinner. When I had 5 to 7 kids at home, our house was the same. My kids thought "leftovers" were some awesome creation that they could only get at their friends houses. (Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...)

Now, my fridge always seems to have the ghosts of prior meals haunting it. We haven't yet mastered the art of cooking just enough. I have been banning making something up fresh some days- demanding the leftovers be eaten instead. Still, how many times can one stomach yet another plate of goulash?

Goulash is Tom's fall back dish- if nothing leaps out of the freezer at him and demands to be cooked- he makes goulash. And he makes a LOT. I usually buy pasta elbows in a two pound box... and he will use the entire box. We are down to five people here... we don't even need a full pound of pasta to feed everyone. And he will use extra-hot rotel tomatoes, then add hot pepper sprinkles to the chili powder. (I suppose it is really more chili-mac than goulash). It is so hot I can barely stand to eat a bowl of it- and forget a second bowl. Too hot to feed to Matthew for lunch.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was cooking a big pot of beans. Knowing that I always cook too many beans- I cut waaaay back. Still, I have leftovers. But with beans I can use the leftovers. They can become chili.... or refried beans, or burritos. (Or another delicious bowl of beans and cornbread for breakfast today...)

I almost never salt the food I am cooking- maybe add a sprinkle right at the end of the cooking. And I look for the 'no salt added' varieties of canned vegetables when I can. We switched to sea salt several months back. We began using olive oil for most of the 'cooking fat' in our meals several years ago, unless we are deep frying something. We don't deep fry very often.

Still, I have to remind myself about salt and fat as I try to eat more 'heart healthy'. Even if I don't have heart problems, isn't it better to try and keep it that way? My downfall in snacking is salt. I can leave most sweets alone, but I love salty snacks. (Sweet'n'salty is GREAT!) I tried the fat free whipped topping on my birthday pie while I was in Ohio. It was actually VERY GOOD. Yesterday, I got a container of fat free sour cream... but have yet to try it. I also got ingredients to bake whole grain breads.

Thanksgiving plans have just been made. The Family Get-together will be at Grandpa Bill and Grammy Kathie's house once again. Ben has to work, so won't be able to come. I work Friday, so will have to head home in the early afternoon. Be sure you call Grandma and let her know whether you will be coming or not. We know this is sort of late notice, so if you already have other plans, that is understandable.

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Anonymous said...

Next time try my 'trick' (or treat) Line a casserole dish with saran or foil...put half of the noodle dish in ... freeze..then remove from your dish , overwrap and throw back into the a few weeks when no one is expecting it and you need a quick dinner....take it out ...sprinkle a layer of cheese on top and bake until hot and bubbly...bring out the garlic bread and a salad and there is dinner.