Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear Family and the Few Friends we possess...
You may not actually be hearing from us for awhile. We just got our cell phone bill from last month.
Did you know ATT charges .45 per minute of phone use over your plan? And our plan was already over $90 a month, basic no frills.
If you surmise that we went over our minutes, ate up all the rollovers, and then continued to make and receive phone calls without due consideration of FORTY-FIVE CENTS A MINUTE, you would be right. The phone bill was closer to $500 than to $400.


So if you call during the week, and we don't answer... try the house phone. Or we might call you back when the rates drop at 9:00pm- though I seldom call anyone that late. Mostly, we will be talking to you on the FREE WEEKEND minutes.

We are not out of minutes for this month... but have burned over half of our allotment- and it is not 1/3 through the month yet. So if we DO answer your call- talk fast!

Meanwhile, I guess I ought to grind up some blood pressure medication and slip it into Mr C's supper. He is NOT happy.


Mom said...

OMG!!!! I would be having a coronary for sure!!! Call and 'barter' with ' are a good customer...maybe they will knock a few off.....worst they can do is say NO WAY,, worth a try. I have called them on other charges and they have rmoved them (as a courtesy because they didn't want to lose me as a customer) Nothing ventured nothing gained I always say

truth said...

Goodness! I'm so sorry that happened. This hasn't happened to us in years. Do you check occasionally to see how close you are to your minutes?

We are no longer on AT&T, but T-mobile. They let you switch to more minutes in the middle of the month if need be. It is much cheaper than paying by the minute.

Becky said...

Wow! I suppose I won't be getting to talk to Mommy much this month! wowzers. Well I guess I will talk to you Saturday or Sunday. I am usually asleep well before 9.

Tommy said...

It's not my fault.I never talk to you.See i'm just nice like that.

Kim said...

OUCH!!! Wish I could donate some of our rollover minutes. I've had those really high bills before (but not as high as your's)