Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take a deep breath

Screaming doesn't do much good, so I guess I won't scream.

Updates here again: I may be right back OFF of BP medicine. I am on half of the lowest dose of the mildest medication- and my BP runs almost TOO LOW. The Doc said that it is such a low dose, a homeopathic approach would probably be better. I am supposed to be scheduled for some test where they look at the innards of my esophagus with a camera.... but that has yet to be arranged.
Oh, and I have lost either 6 or 8 lbs., depending on where you count from! (which may also be a contributing factor to the lower BP) yay me!

Ben started his very first 'real' job... one that is not working for friends or family. He is working at the Bentonville WalMart, as a produce guy. Benefits, and insurance and everything! (At least until WM has to lay off a boatload of people when Obama starts his socialist programs.) With Ben working, we will be having to restructure the chores again.

Yesterday was Al E Cat's 17th birthday. She has spent most of the last week curled up in a basket of yarn. She gets up to potty and eat. She continues to yowl in the wee hours- Ben says she likes to hear her own voice. But we probably won't have her around much longer.

Petey the Goldfish is still with us as well- and just as barely. Or maybe he is teaching himself a new trick. In addition to floating belly up in a corner of the tank, he now floats perpendicularly about in the center of the tank, tail up, as if he is too buoyant and tired of struggling to stay submerged. He moved with us from the house in Marlow... where we had him at least two years before we moved. We have been gone from there for four and a half years.... so he must be fairly old for a goldfish.

Grandma Arlene found her missing kitten. She adopted two kittens from Bob's cat Millie, who was adopted from Chris and Seneca's cat (Nimbus?). Grandma Arlene named her kittens Little Lulu and Little Lottie. Lottie escaped out the door and into the woods the day after Grandma brought her home. She was missing a day or two before turning up again at the edge of the woods. For once, the slightly anti-social Lottie was glad to see people!

One thing I was NEEDING to do today was pick up some Necessary Paper while I was in town. However, it slipped my beany brain... until I needed to potty.
Ben offered to bring some home from work- but he wouldn't be back until 10:30 tonight. I'm really pretty sure someone will need Necessary Paper before then.
So I left Matt with Ben and Sam while Daniel and I made of of the quickest trips possible to town. It was 2 hours until Ben would need the car- and I could have gone to the grocery store nearest the house... but once I mentioned going... I had a whole list in nothing flat. So we went all the way to the WM in Jane, filled the list, and got back with half an hour to spare! (the nearest store is just over 7 miles... nearest WM is 14, and we went to one that is 19 miles away. I figured if I had to go to the store anyway, I might as well go to a place I could get some Adult Beverage).

We are now cooking up a pot of beans for supper. Being a southerner, this means I am fixing pinto beans. Until recently, I had no clue that Pinto Beans were NOT always what someone meant when they said they were cooking up a pot of beans! Some people actually might be referring to 'white beans', or 'navy beans', or even 'kidney beans'. Just depends on what part of the country the person cooking is in. My family seems to like just about any bean... except canned pork'n'beans or baked beans. We will have cornbread, chow chow, and jalapenos as well. I may even show the boys what Grandma Rose and I were telling them about: Mexican Cornbread, with the corn and peppers, chili powder and cheese in it.

My mom and I had a very nice visit Monday and Tuesday. I was sad to see her head for the house... and POO! I forgot to send Seneca's picture frame! Too late now, she is closer to home than she is to here! Guess I "ought" to get that mailed... it has been boxed and ready for a month or better. Procrastination is sure one of my strong suits.

I found some wet clay for Ben... and then learned he doesn't need it any more. But we are going to have some fun with it anyway... maybe he can even fire it for us in his refractory.

The leaves are falling from the trees by the bushel today... soon the trees will be naked. Since the ragweed passed, I LOVE the fall best of all. SO pretty here.

I suppose I better get the clothes in the dryer folded... and since I can't fold and type, I will say bye for now.

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Becky said...

*I* like canned baked beans and pork n beans. I thought Ben was the only one that didn't.