Monday, November 10, 2008

Juggling Jobs

Ben has been working for a week now. We still have only 2 vehicles, due to the deer accident.
It looks like we are scraping into our first scheduling conflict this week. It isn't really a conflict- just cutting close. I am supposed to be at the Siloam Springs hospital Wednesday at 10:30am (16 miles SW of here) for pre-admittance. Tom works that day, 7-5:30. Ben is supposed to be at work in Bentonville at 1:00pm. (15 miles NE of here). If the hospital is prompt and quick, there is no problem.... I can be back here in plenty of time for Ben to be on time to work.

I have to be pre-admitted Wednesday for the look-see of my esophagus on Friday. They have to 'sedate' me for the procedure, so it is done at the hospital instead of the dr. office. I will be working Thursday at OReilly's, since I have to be off on Friday.

Ben was assigned Sunday and Thursdays as his 'regular' days off. That works out with him having Matthew on Sundays... two jobs for Ben and for me!

The guy I work with had his Dad take a look at the van yesterday- and recommended a couple of places we can take the van to for repairs. The Dad said he was not licensed, and he can see that there is much more to the repairs than the superficial damage that meets the eye. So we have that yet to do. We are at least trying to get the ball rolling.

I will be working more hours at OReilly's during December- time for their inventory count. I will JUST be working inventory those hours- no answering the phone or cashiering. Matt will be spending more time with his Mom as she uses her vacation time. Since I don't get paid for NOT watching Matt- the extra time at O's is good. (And pays a whole lot more).

Matt seems to be catching on, at last, to the grown-up world of going to the bathroom by himself. His parents have posted a "score chart" for him on his bathroom door at home. It has Chuck E Cheese on it. When he has a perfect score month- his reward is a trip to have pizza with a giant rat. FUN!

Oh My. Just remembered... Glynna has a birthday this week. I haven't mailed her a card yet! I was just thinking that we don't have any birthdays all this month... and I remembered hers.

Now next month, we have several birthdays. Tom's sister Teeny, GD Jade, my sister Lalani, Becky's MIL Nola and SIL "T", Christopher, Becky, and DH Tom. That doesn't count half a dozen friends I send birthday cards to during December. Hot on the heels of December is January- and we have at least 3 family birthdays in January.

It is time to get school underway here, so That's all for right now. I will try not to neglect the blog too much this week!

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