Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eagles, Errands, and Gingerbread men

Daniel and Sam mixed up a batch of gingerbread cookie dough this morning. While it chilled, we ran errands. First of all, to Petco; where we wanted to buy one of those nail grinders for dog toenails... "as seen on TV". I know the ones on TV run about $20... and the least expensive one at Petco was $54.xx. I didn't get one of the grinders, deciding to check at WalMart first.

From Petco, we went to the Library. That was a fairly quick visit. Matt was with us, and behaved admirably. He thought about pitching a fit when I said it was time to leave the toys in the children's' area, but decided it was better not to antagonize Miss Tammy. The library has a huge salt water aquarium, where Nemo, Dori, and friends swim. That was pretty cool. Still, we were pressed for time because I HAD to go by WalMart for groceries and get back in time for Ben to leave for work at 12:30.

At WalMart, they didn't have pet nail grinders. I got milk, bread, eggs, cooking oil... all the basic stuff we have run out of since Tom went on Saturday. I needed printer paper, as I copy a LOT of schoolwork out for the boys, probably 20 pages per day or so. I remembered to get some whop biscuit dough, so we can make beirocks for supper tonight. Not exactly the recipe that "Truth" uses at Piece of the Puzzle's Recipes4Me, but she is the one who reminded me of these.
I haven't made them for years. I cooked up a pork roast yesterday, and used half for BBQ sandwiches last night. Tonight, I will chop cabbage and onions and saute them. Chop/shred the leftover (not BBQ) pork roast and add it to the cooked cabbage and onion. Flatten out whop biscuits, add the cabbage/pork mixture, top with another flattened whop biscuit, seal. Place on baking stone, cook until the biscuits are done.

We raced home from Wal Mart,and on the last corner before we arrived, Daniel sighted our first bald eagle of the year. (Tom saw one last week). It is pretty cool to live right in their migration route.

I got home and checked online for the pet nail grinders. I like to comparison shop when I can... and read objective customer reviews, not just praise testimonials. I ended up at Amazon... where almost every customer gave the 'as seen on TV' brands a mediocre to poor rating. MANY went on to recommend the Dremmel pet nail trimmer. It was a couple of $ more than the TV varieties, but negligible. So I ordered it from Amazon. Soon, we may not hear the clicketyclacketyclickkyclickclicketyclackclicketyclacketyclickkyclickclicketyclackclicketyclacketyclickkyclickclicketyclackclicketyclacketyclickkyclickclicketyclack
of 32 toenails scrittering down the hall at all hours.

And NO, I did NOT order a "Ped Egg" for myself. *gross!*


Time for the boys first batch of cookies to come out!

Oops. On the cookie check, Sam touched the oven door, spun away muttering words under his breath... pseudo-swearing, like his Mom. He said, "FLAMING! "


Becky said...

Are ya'll gonna sprinkle ped egg sprinkles on the cookies...oh wait, you didn't get one...how about doggy nail sprinkles. :D

Tommy said...

Does that mean I should get you a ped egg? We know how much you would love one.