Friday, November 14, 2008


That was what was determined by the UGE. One healing- a couple of "severe", as noted to me when the nurse read me the doctors comments from the chart as she wheeled me to the car. Mr C had gone ahead to pull the car to the front. Mostly I have slept since then. My throat is slightly achey, and I sound like I have laryngitis, but I'm not in pain. Just sleepy. He prescribed Prilosec, which we did not get filled today.
I work my regular 8-5 tomorrow, so will try to call folks in the afternoon.


Mom said...

oops I may have told Kathie the wrong med....I thought you said nexium(the little purple one) .. Hope they help and you feel all better fast. (((hugs)))

One of the Cow Crew said...

you're right, it is nexium