Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dan on Fire

I got home from work this evening and saw that Dan had posted a new blog on the Arctic Circle. He mentioned catching himself on fire. No explanation.

Yesterday, Daniel and Sam built a 'fort' in the yard. A rickety wooden packing crate balanced atop of some cinder blocks and stones. Think giant cartoon rabbit trap. Early this morning, the two boys went out to play. they took candles, and various items to cover and insulate their 'fort'. Sam came inside for something... snacks I think. Dan came in a short while later with his shirt smoldering. His NEW camo flannel shirt... less than a week old. He leaned over a candle inside the fort and caught his shirt on fire. He was wearing his NEW long sleeved T shirt beneath his flannel shirt, and scorched a good sized spot on it... but managed to put himself out before he was burned.

He thought it was tremendously funny.

Me, not so much.

The twins have decided I am a "worst case scenario" type person. I could see him in my mind... on fire. Knocking down the precariously perched wooden packing crate onto himself as he trys to put out his burning shirt. The crate or cinder blocks breaking his arm as the crate falls... leaving enough air space that he is burning beneath the wooden crate as it catches fire...

And he finds it funny.

Never mind he has ruined $10 in shirts that are less than a week old.


just.... boys.


Becky said...

LOL, I can be a worst case scenario person too. Tommy will say, "what is the worst that could happen?" about something, and I ask him the WORST? and then go into great detail all the horrible things that could go wrong.

Anonymous said...

MAYBE they are NOT old enough to be left alone yet....just when I was saying they were just last week...can I change my mind?? And now I am going to worry about them in their candlemaking endevor. I will have gray hair in no time. Grandma