Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well that went... OK

I'm back from the pre-admittance of the hospital. The look-see down my throat is actually called an UGE "Upper Gastric Endoscopy".

They poke the end of the scopey down my throat and look around, fixing any minor problems they may encounter along the route. This is scheduled for 11:00 am Friday.

Yaaawn. I got up early this morning to drive Tom to work, but he decided to take the poor old van. We still haven't taken it for repair, so it is very limited in distance we can drive it, and time of day... as the one headlight points off in a strange direction.

I ought to know to keep my mouth shut on some things. When I rearranged the freezer yesterday, I could just see the flour canister breaking. I handled it very carefully, as I know how brittle plastic can be when frozen. This morning, I sent Sam to get the flour canister. He dropped it, and it shattered. On the plus side- the shatter was contained on one side of the canister- and it was large slivers of hard plastic... so the most of the flour was salvageable. Not like broken glass. So after the pre-admit, I stopped by WM and found another large plastic container to store the flour. Sam remarked that he could not remember us ever using anything except the old canister. I know it is seven or eight years old... possibly more.
Tonight, I plan for a FFY supper night. That is Fend For Yourself. We have leftover roast, leftover chicken noodles, salad, and several other containers of Stuff That Needs To Be Eaten.
For the creative portion of our day, Dan and I are going to attempt a low fat version of the carmel corn recipe I have. And maybe even try Carmel Chex Snack Mix. (Making up the cereal mixture and pouring the candy syrup over it, as if it were popcorn). If I don't opt out of creativity and go straight for the nap portion of the day! (Yawn again)

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truth said...

Hope you scope goes well and if there is something they need to see/fix, they will do just that.