Friday, November 28, 2008


We are back from east Texas, after our Thanksgiving trip. All had a nice visit. It IS good to be home. I missed my own bed. The meal was splendid. Mr C thought that the table looked like it was set for a State dinner with the President. Actually, we just set what used to be a typical meal setting- with a cloth napkin, knife, fork, and spoon.

I got to see Bill Joe- it has been a full year. He has lost "almost" 100 lbs. since last year.

I'm back to work- fun fun joy joy.

Tommy is here- great to see him- though we have only evenings together. He has to return to west Texas Monday. (Not Munday, west Texas... that is a short ways north of him).

My Mom's cousin's granddaughter... what is she, my second cousin twice removed?... is in the hospital, facing the removal of her LEG. Amanda was in a drunken driver car wreck when she was 14... about 8 years ago. She is paraplegic... just almost a quad. She can barely move her hands... not her arms much. Anyway... Amanda's Mom was letting Amanda's boyfriend take care of her. (He was an Army vet- wounded in the head with shrapnel and not quite "right".) He wasn't really trained on HOW to take care of her... and she got infected 'bedsores'. Amanda's mom and the BF are in jail facing charges of neglect. Amanda has been made a ward of the state... and wonders why Mom and BF have not been to see her. She is unaware of the charges against them. Please be praying she recovers without losing her leg. Her Mom and BF face criminal charges... though they didn't INTEND harm... , harm resulted.

So that is about all for today. Have a blessed day!


Becky said...

Woo, happy getting home. I need to check my email again. But I thought Tommy's PNR said that he doesn't come home til the 3rd. Which is Wednesday.

Becky said...

Never Mind. Your right.