Monday, November 17, 2008

Term of endearment

Mr C is not known for his 'loving' terms of endearment towards anyone, and me in particular. "You Old Large Thang" is often shortened to "Thang!".

So yesterday as I was getting ready to leave for work, Matthew was eating his breakfast, and Mr C began his recitation of terms of endearment.

He started out shouting, "Thang you, Large Thang You!"
(I know all of my kids can hear him exactly!)

Matthew repeated him, word for word, same inflections.

Of course, this was the funniest thing Mr C had heard in a long time... possibly since our own kids did it. He laughed out loud. Matt laughed out loud... then began the whole chant again, since Mr C found it so funny.

I'm just sure Wanda (Matt's mom) is going to find it equally amusing when Matt refers to her as "You Old Large Thang", or "Large Woman".

Looks like we will spend next week in East Texas. We may go down Monday, abandoning poor Ben again. He is actually OFF on Thanksgiving Day... but since he doesn't get off until 10 pm Wednesday night, and we head for home early Thursday afternoon, he will just be stuck at home alone. Grammy Kathie has already promised him a care package of Thanksgiving food to be sent home with us. I offered to buy him a frozen TV dinner of turkey and dressing. He said he would rather cook something for himself. He does have to work Black Friday, starting at 9:00 am instead of 1 pm.
Speaking of TV dinners- I took one to work yesterday. It was a Boston Market Homestyle Meatloaf. (I don't get an actual lunch break on Sundays... it is grab a bite if you have time.) As I sat eating it, I read the label... this being purchased before we went to Ohio and started trying to eat lower in salt and lower in fat. This meal had more than 56% of the sodium intake allowed a heart patient per day. In one meal! It was also loaded in fat and cholesterol. The calorie count wasn't too bad... but the nutritional value for those calories really stunk.

I came home to Ben cooking supper on his day off. He made a big salad, topped with a small amount of real bacon. He cooked chicken breasts in a small amount of olive oil... to be eaten along with, or topped upon the salad. It was really good!
Yesterday, we started out fairly slow at work. But about noon, things picked up. There are just two of us working on Sunday... and we were both five customers deep at times... with people on hold on the phones as well. For a rural store on a Sunday, breaking $2000 is considered a major deal. Aaron and I did right at $2500. Much of our regular 'chores' went undone- there was just no way to get to them. I had eaten my TV dinner before the rush hit. Aaron didn't get a break to potty, much less run to Sonic, until after 4 pm. We get off at 5. It was crazy.
The boys and I need to go to the library soon. It is more difficult to manage with 2 vehicles and 3 people working. I don't know whether to wait til Thursday to go, or take Mr C to work when he comes home for lunch, and go this afternoon. Guess we can decide that later.
Have a great day!


Mom said...

Hey lets think up a 'term of endearment' for Mr. C that Matt can learn!! I was hoping for Monday too, but looks like Tuesday is the best I can get so far....oh well..better than midnight on Wed. I 'almost goofed' on the fruit salad...the store had the canned fruit cocktail on sale and I was stuffing them into the cart when I read......tropical....I would have had your throat really swollen shut!! Guess I should get dressed sometime today and DO something. Have a good day.

One of the Cow Crew said...

I seem to do OK on the tropical fruits... maybe the reaction was something from the fresh fruit? And more than likely, I will be taking allergy medicine anyway... you know how I get at Dad's house!

Becky said...

Tell Grammy Kathie to double the care package. Tommy wants to spend Thanksgiving with Ben, if Tommy does not have a job by then. PS does dad think the blue car can take a trip to East Texas and back? Our truck will be at the doctor that week and Stephen and I were thinking of coming if he got time off, and coming home Wednesday.