Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another week gone by...

Tomorrow is back to the weekend whirlwind at O'Reilly's. This week seems to have flown by. Maybe because I was out of the house for two days? (Laundry on Monday, errands on Tuesday).

I never did make it to the mall yesterday for jeans for the twins. Ben works this afternoon, so I would have to go this morning.... or take the van! I can't really go this morning, with Matthew not feeling well. He was unusually whiny yesterday afternoon- to the point I made him lay down for a nap. His Dad said he still seems to feel bad this morning... we are thinking it is a bug going around, or possibly he is cutting molars. Whatever it is, I won't be taking him out.

I really didn't expect Matthew today. While it IS a regularly scheduled day to keep him, the birth mother of his new baby brother was in labor yesterday. She isn't due until MARCH 9th. She was dilated to "7", and having contractions. I figured that she was past the point of no return. But the doctors gave her some drugs that eventually stopped the labor, and she is now back to a "3". They are trying to stave off labor as long as possible. Maybe Matthew will get his new baby brother on the same day I get to be "Great Aunt Grandma".

I am checking online at Sears before I drive all the way over to the Mall. So far, Toughskins don't seem to go as large as I had heard they do. I suppose I better get things going in a higher gear if I am going to get everything done that needs doing today!
May you have a great day!

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truth said...

I had no idea they could turn back labor when you are at '7', that is amazing.