Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Another exciting day off to a galloping start here in NW Arkansas.
Well, maybe not exactly a galloping start... more of a slow-to-peek-my-head-out- of-the-blankets- crawl. The boys are still asleep... they all stayed up late playing video games in Ben's room. Matt is here, laying quietly on the couch. He may or may not go on back to sleep. My guess would be NOT.

I guess I ought to be getting them up and busy. Maybe I will do something interesting today... like unpack some boxes. Yeah, I say that several times a year. And I do usually unpack quite a few... only to be told we ARE, in fact, moving. It always takes me awhile to really believe that THIS time, we really are moving. So once I am "sure" that this is it, I pack. And stay packed. Six months, a year... I think it has been about 15 months this time. I have some boxes in the storage closet that haven't been unpacked since Marlow... five years ago. I know what is in them... just don't have a place to put them away here.

I can hang my pictures up on the walls. That always seems to get the "we are just about to move" ball rolling again. It has been at least 14 months since anyone even looked at this house... maybe it is off the market and the realtor just left the sign in the yard?
I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. Maybe THIS TIME she won't yank it away.

Well, Matt is officially "up". So I better get the boys up, feed them all breakfast and get school going.

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