Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Babies yet...

From either of the sets of parents to be. I haven't heard from Bill and Glynna this morning as to whether LR is "officially" in labor. Wanda called in sick this morning, so I don't have Matt today. An unexpected day off!! The baby they are expecting hasn't put in his appearance yet either. The waiting continues...!

I finally gave up on Mr C calling about the Eden Pure heater. I called them myself yesterday. Their instruction/ Warranty booklet clearly says NOT to plug the heater into a surge protector. Guess what? The warranty doesn't cover your heater getting fried with a power surge!

"But as a one time courtesy to you, we will exchange the unit."

So we are getting it replaced... which is good. I don't see how the company can exclude power surges from the warranty when it SPECIFICALLY STATES not to use a surge protector. It does NOT state that power surges void the warranty. I have the unit packed and ready to ship back.

I have been working on a photo book for my Dad for his birthday. (My Mom really loved hers.)
I called Mom about getting some baby pictures of my brothers and I for the book, and discovered that, sadly, she doesn't have baby pictures.
Dad had the pictures when the two of them separated. His second wife took them when they later separated. Having no use for pictures of her former step-children, she disposed of them. ( I learned this from making several phone calls to people who might have had the pictures, including my Dad and my former step sister.)
I have contacted two of my Aunts about pictures that they, or my Granny, may have saved over the years.
One Aunt is working on getting me her pictures. The other Aunt said I was welcome to come dig through her garage for pictures, but she wasn't able to do so herself. (She is almost 76.) I will try to do that next time I go to the DFW area. It may be too late for the book by then, but I would at least HAVE the pictures. (If there are any to have.)

I just spoke to Bill. He has a stomach bug... or ate bad food. Laura was examined last night at the birthing center. 80% effaced, dilated to 3.5. The wait goes on!


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