Monday, February 2, 2009

One Hundred and One hours... and five minutes

The Ice Storm was over. The sun was shining... it was headed to 60* outside on Thursday morning. The power flickered once... and was gone. We had just mentally congratulated ourselves on making it all the way through the ice storm without losing power!

It was out from 9:35 am Thursday morning until just a short while ago... 2:40 pm Monday. We did all right keeping warm. We even had TV when we turned off the heater and plugged it into the generator. Reports estimated we could be out for up to 3 more weeks. The guys were all out of clean clothes. Sam put on a filthy pair of jeans this morning... he said they were his 'least dirty'! So he and I loaded up the car with Mt. Washmore, and headed to the laundromat. Two hours later, we had it all done. So now I don't even have to hop right into the laundry mode!

We kept the kitchen as cleaned up as we could, washing things as soon as my big bowl would get full of dirty dishes. Several times a day. Actually, Mr C was the one who stayed most in the kitchen... I went off to work all weekend.
Saturday night, my hair had reached beyond my level of tolerance, and I went up to the hangar and had a shower. Ahhh! Hot water... in abundance!
I have met dozens, probably closer to a hundred, people over the weekend who had been without power from Tuesday... during the thick of the storm. Many had no way of heating their homes. So we have been quite blessed, over all.

Daniel and Sam helped me get our electrical necessities plugged back into the walls, and the ten miles or so of electrical extension cords all rolled and stowed. Then they went out biking, and I hopped right on to the internet.

It is amazing how quickly we take things like electricity and running water for granted. As Sam was going out to get on his bike, he ran back to his room for a jacket. He flicked on the light switch as we have absently done for the last four days... and cheered aloud when the light came on! I am waiting for the water in the hot water heater tank to get warm... then I plan on a really nice shower.
Oh, the expected new babies did not arrive during my absence from the internet. Neither did my package of new curricula. I am OUT of fresh reading materials, and really hoping to see UPS pull into the driveway this afternoon!

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MOM said...

YEA !!!!!! Even tho I did get to talk to you a few times during the outage, I was worried about you all and so happy for you to be powered up again. I love you teeps and hons, Mom