Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They Fit!

Once Matt was picked up yesterday, Daniel asked if we could possibly go to look for some pants that fit him and Sam. I waffled for a good 10 minutes, but finally decided it would be better to go, try pants on, and have the pants than to order online, wait, and then possibly have to return them.

So we loaded up and went to the Pinnacle Hills Mall. It looks like a little town, with each store facing the streets- as opposed to a huge building where the stores face interior hallways. I wasn't sure where to start, but found a JC Penney's before I saw a Sears. It took some searching to discover that a size 16 boys is in the childrens' department, not Men's. The 16 slims looked awfully big. So I armed myself with a couple of sizes, and we headed to the fitting room. Which is in the BABY department!
The 16 slims were a wee bit long, but a perfect fit at the waist. And at the rate these two are growing, they won't be too long for too long. (hee hee).

Did I mention that the fitting rooms were in the BABY department?!!!
Where they had the cutest little clothes... and I am, after all, expecting two new little babies in my life this month!
I got one outfit for Matt's baby brother. It says "Dad and I both agree- MOM is the BOSS!" Those of you knowing Matt's family will know how perfect this outfit is!
Since I'm not SURE what gender the new grandbaby will be, I got her/him two outfits in a sunny yellow color. Very cute.

The twins were quick at trying on the jeans, so I wasn't able to look at the baby stuff too long. (Oh the biting sarcasm and eye rolling of 12 year olds!) We were actually all the way back home in about an hour and 20 minutes from the time we set out. That was with traffic, shopping, and more traffic! (We live about 20 miles from the Mall).
I even had supper cooked and ready by the time Mr C got home... baked chicken breast, steamed brocolli and cauliflower, and Zatarains cajun cornbread stuffing... with a handful of craisins tossed in. MMM MM! (While I was out, I was kicking myself for not having started supper before I left... or getting something 'to go'. I already had the chicken thawed for supper, and a pork roast thawing in the fridge to make pulled pork sandwiches for today, so take-out wasn't a good idea. It all worked out, supper wasn't even late.

Oh, and I 'discovered' a way to get to/from the mall without having to get out on the freeway! So it was not too bad of a run.


truth said...

Way-to-go Tammy! I love days like that when everything falls into place so nicely and I'm able to pull dinner together and it is delicious.

My oldest was very thin and tall. It was soooo hard to find slim jeans that didn't fall off. Boy, when I found some I was thrilled.

Grandma Rose said...

Size 16 ---- where have my BABIES gone, and who are these big guys taking their places!!!!