Monday, February 16, 2009

What a weekend...

Friday at O's was busy, as usual. The boss wasn't much more than headed home, Aaron was using the facilities, and I was trying to wait on a customer. The phone was ringing... and O's has a three ring policy... you WILL answer the phone by the third ring. So I excused myself to the customer in front of me to answer the phone. It was an obscene phone caller... who was calling me by name. (Easy enough, part of the phone call answering protocol is to identify yourself). I just hung up on him and went back to my customer. Thirty seconds later.... same caller, same results. He called a THIRD time, said Hey Tammy!... and I hung up before he could get another word out. I had called on the loudspeaker for Aaron, and for the boss... not realizing he had just left. I dealt with my customer and just let the phone ring and ring.

Aaron finished his facility tour, and I told him about the caller. I said I wasn't answering the phone for the next half hour. About then, a staggering drunk 'regular' customer comes in. He apologises to me for the phone calls! Aaron knew the guy by name... I left Aaron to talk to him. On Saturday, my boss Tim and I have the store for the earliest hours. A local policeman is in there most Saturday mornings. So I asked them what to do if such a case happens in the future.

Tim said he would have a talk with this guy, who was well known to both Tim and the policeman. Then the customer I had been trying to help when the calls happened came in to pick up the part I had ordered for her. Apparently, in my 'flustration', I HAD ordered the part, but from the wrong warehouse. Tim had to drive 40 miles to pick up the part. So he was really ready to talk to this guy. As I said, this guy is a 'regular'. He was in the store later Saturday. Tim and Aaron took him to the back room and had a talk with him... emphasizing that the police had been to the store and heard the report. (Technically true, but not in the manner that it was an official police report). The guy apologised to me again.

I arrived home Friday night, and Mr C told me I had to go see Becky's blog right away. He said Becky had posted the cutest picture of Ty'ger ever. I also knew that LR had been to the doctor for an appointment, and wanted to hear the results. So I called Bill while the slow dial-up computer loaded Becky's blog. (multi-tasking!) It loaded especially slowly due to the many pictures she had already posted. I learned that LR had not even been examined at the appointment, but had been sent to the hospital as 'possibly in labor'. The hospital put a belt monitor on her and soon sent her on home... still without an exam... as Not In Labor. Finally, I see the cutest picture of Ty:

If you want to leave Becky a comment on the cute picture, there is a link to her blog in the sidebar to the right.

Saturday was Valentines day. Last time I got Mr C something, he grumpily said "I suppose this means I have to get something for you!"
So I didn't bother to even get him a card this year. You know what that means... He got me a card, candy, wine, and a scratch off lottery ticket that actually WON $50. ( I used part of the $$ and picked up steak for supper... Happy Valentines back to him).

Sunday at O's was a bit quieter than it has been lately. I actually got the floor swept and the shelves re-stocked! When I got home, Daniel told me I needed to call Bill. He went on with a very good and accurate message: "Seneca is at Bill and Glynna's. LR was having contractions still and was dilated to 4. Whatever that means."
I called and talked to Bill and to Seneca. Seneca used to be a doula, and is currently a medical assistant. She was pretty certain that LR was indeed in early labor, and we may have a baby late last night or today. (I have said for several weeks I expected baby on Monday the 16th!) I haven't heard yet this morning whether or not the baby has arrived... I will be sure to post once he/ she arrives!

I had thought of going to the library today... but being President's Day, I am betting it is closed. That is a good enough excuse for me to procrastinate! I need a day or two to recover from my weekend at work, LOL.

Have a blessed day, and pray for LR an easy and safe delivery!

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