Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love my kids...

Ben asked me yesterday morning if he could bring a friend from work here to the house. That is fine. He said he would need to go pick him up. That was also fine. I assumed this kid had no access to a vehicle.

On arriving home, Ben introduces his friend, Chris.
Chris may never drive. He was a polite young man, reminding me of Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride. His social skills were perfect, but his speech and demeanor were akin to a six or seven year old child. He got along famously with Daniel and Sam... whose biting sarcasm was curbed. He doesn't appear to have Down's Syndrome, I'm not sure what the handicap would be called.

The laughter among the boys came all afternoon as they played video games. When the storms were bearing down hard on us, I told Ben and Chris that they needed to decide when Chris was needing to go home, since I didn't want Ben out driving in the storms. Chris said if there were bad storms coming, he needed to get home, so his parents wouldn't worry. He thanked us for having him, and asked if he would be able to come back some time, as he had been having such a good time.

Not typical late teen/ twenty something behaviour. Ben never mentioned the friend being handicapped. The twins accepted him without their typical rudeness.
I enjoyed seeing their lack of prejudice, and the unexpected manners they all showed.

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