Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today... more Places to go and Things to do...

Matt's mom called last night- asked if he can stay later today as she and the DH have an important appointment. Not a problem. Matt was already included in my morning plans anyway.

Besides schoolwork, we need to go to the library today. And in the vicinity of the library is the WalMart Employee store. Ben has really been wanting to go. I went once, on my last day as a WM employee, before I started at Eagle. They usually have some fantastic bargains.

I really need to find some pants that fit Dan and Sam. Their 14's are highwaters on them. The 12's are not only too short, but too tight. It is so hard to find jeans that fit them. Forget Walmart... they don't carry this size. At. all.
The lady I chatted with at the laundromat yesterday recommended I try Sears or Penney's. I had seen some jeans online at Penney's that would fit, by measurements. Unfortunately, they only had the jeans with the faded through rubbed look, which both Dan and Sam hate. Like me, if they get new clothes, they want them to LOOK like new clothes. Depending on Matt's temperament, we may drive the extra five miles over to The Mall and see if we can find some skinny jeans with long legs.

Our new books did arrive late yesterday evening, after Tom had arrived home. One was a surprising three inches thick.. and Dan asked if we can start that one today! Since the power has been out, we haven't been doing our copied school work, just stuck to reading and the books where they had to copy out their answers longhand anyway.

My shower yesterday was delayed until later in the evening. This resulted in me going to bed with damp hair (I don't have a blow dryer). This morning, my hair has that 70's look... all fluffed out and flyaway. It refuses to lay down. If only Farrah was still fashionable...
Oh today is starting out just great... Dan came out of his bedroom with Drover at his heels. Drover walks over towards the door and starts horking up dog food. Dan says he already did that on Dan's bed. I tossed the dog out the back door. Guess Dan's bedding will be first into the washing machine! ARRRRGH!

All the yelling and 'excitement' over the dog has Matt up and ready to get into things, a full hour and a half earlier than he normally awakens.
Let the day begin!

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