Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm ready for a vacation...

Some sort of change, somewhere.
This is my "Friday" for keeping Matthew, Tomorrow is "Monday" for O'Reilly's.
I figured I'd get pretty tired of the 7 day a week thing eventually, and eventually has arrived. For awhile, Matt had a different sitter on Thursdays, and I had a "day off". I'm not quite sure what happened there. I was having him on an occasional Thursday, which melted into every Thursday. For the most part, he is a pretty good kid. Lately he has been "trying" himself... doing things he was just told NOT to do the minute I'm not looking, shoving people, throwing things. Pretty typical three year old stuff. Maybe he is feeling a bit stressed over all the talk of the soon-to-arrive baby brother.
Normally, Matt goes back to sleep for an hour or more after his Dad drops him off at 7:00. This morning is not the normal morning. He stayed up when his Dad dropped him off. I got him some milk when he got up looking for his sippy cup. (Yes, he is 3.5 and still has a sippy cup). He slurped it down, banged the cup in front of me, and tried the "more" routine. I looked at him. He crossed his arms and glared at me.. and said, "Get me more... NOW!" This is SO not going to cut it.

I am looking forward to the 'break' I will have when the baby is born. Matt's Mom is taking several weeks off to babymoon. I am hoping to get to go visit my parents, kids, and grandkids during that time. (It will be quick visits, since I still have my O job Friday- Sunday.)

Mr C and I have an appointment to go see a house tomorrow at 8:30 am. It now has two strikes against it before we even see it... only one bathroom, and it is down a gravel road. Mr C is going to see it to humor me.

Guess I better get busy here! Have a blessed day.

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