Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Rainy Monday

Matt is having his lunch, Daniel and Sam are on schoolwork. Ben was commanded to clean the boys' bathroom before he gets ready to go to work. I have made a second batch of laundry detergent, this time doubling the soap, as Mr C wasn't sure this cleaned the clothes... since it doesn't suds. I wonder how people ever came to associate suds with clean? We will see how this turns out... the first load of laundry is on its final rinse.

It is supposed to be rainy here all week. Yesterday it was warm enough that Tom had the windows open when I got home. It helped let out some of the stale feeling in the house.
Today is the day LR is due, but I am pretty sure the baby isn't going to put in an appearance today. That is, if she has shown any true labor signs, no one has bothered to let me know!

Work was soooo busy all weekend. Friday I saw my largest personal sales deposit since I started. That was with three other people working as well. Saturday we didn't slow down for a moment... and yesterday with just one guy and myself, we were just $100 under the company mandated "goal" for a Sunday. (The goal applies to even the larger stores with more people working!) Needless to say, the weekend passed quickly.

Mr C had goulash ready when I got home from work last night. *sigh* Yep, we will be having leftover goulash for the next several meals. Matt just 'accidentally' dumped his bowl of it over onto the floor. He has been sitting there picking at it for 40 minutes. At least Mr C is trying to be sure we have dinner on the nights I work.

I need to get to the library and turn in my books. Maybe Ben can do that for me on his way to work today. Or maybe I will go tomorrow.

The washer and dryer have both stopped, so I may as well get busy. Hope you have a blessed day today!

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