Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maybe it is a good idea

To tell people your due date is several weeks beyond what the actual due date IS... so that if you 'go over', folks aren't calling umpteen times a day to ask! Give the baby a chance to arrive without anxious callers trying to hurry the process. I'm one of those callers! Still no word on LR getting into 'true labor'.
* restless pacing*

I worked on my Dad's photo book for several hours yesterday. Wished more than once for high speed internet, a good photo editing program, and Seneca's skills. Or just Seneca! Finally just decided that these are ever-so-old pictures with stains and bends, and that is how they will come out!

I wish I could get an early start on working on it today... but 'my' computer won't do anything on Shutterfly. I have to use Ben's computer, in his room. He is asleep.
I am still waiting on Matthew to arrive. He is either very late this morning, or not coming. No one has called to let me know which. If he is NOT coming, I wouldn't have had to shake myself awake quite as early. If he is going to be late... I could have used the time for taking a shower. Instead, I wait. And wait. At least Daniel is up now, so I can go get showered.

Well, that's where I am off to. If I get any news on the baby (ies), I will let you know!


truth said...

LOL, I always thought it was a good idea to say a due date is much later than it really is. I just never had the courage to actually do it.

Becky said...

Ohhhh I like the picture of UB's house.