Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We nailed down some housework this morning, read the preface and a portion of the first chapter in A Patriot's History of the United States .
Tommy will love this book, I can already tell. I am thinking maybe we should be reading it after Mr. C gets home, rather than in the mornings. (Hey, then we won't have Matthew trying to compete. The minute I start reading aloud, he turns up his volumes in play, or tugs at my shirt demanding various things that distract me from reading.)

We got out the door about 20 til 11:00. First stop was the post office... where AFTER I had given the guy all four of my packages, he had rung the total... he remembered that their credit card/debit machine is broken and I need to pay in cash. I made a quick run out to the car and borrowed every bit of cash that the kids had between them. Combining everyone's money, I was able to go back in and pay the clerk.
Depleted of ready cash and not sure whether the employee store took debit cards, we stopped at WalMart, intending to use the bank there. The line at the bank was halfway out the door... so we decided to get our shopping done and get 'cash back'. That took us about an hour.

The employee store was... interesting. They had Valentines and Easter stuff out, as well as Christmas clearance. Dan wanted some "Holiday Minty Hooks" as my kids termed candy canes... but I didn't get any. We did get TWO bags of grapefruit, at 1.50 a bag! We found a stool, very well made, for $17. (Similar to the stool that Tom and I were given, old and well used 25 years ago... which is still holding strong.) As we were heading towards the door with our 'finds', I saw a rack of jeans. One pair was marked "16" on one label, Husky on another label, 12 on another label... and inside the sewn in tag was 14 regular. Which is the size the twins are rapidly growing out of... but hey, for $4, they will have an extra pair to grow through. We also found a second pair buried in the rack... so both now have a pair of new jeans.

Matt was not up to going to the mall.
No way, Jose!
We went from the employee store to the library... Where don't you just KNOW they had to update my picture for their files! Probably the worst "bad hair day" I have had in five years, and they need my picture. (If I say it was a bad hair day for me... you know it was BAD! My hair seldom looks good. Mostly it is passable. But NOT today!!)

From the library, we headed right home.

We decided on eggrolls and fried rice for supper tonite. Oh No! I forgot the ground unseasoned pork for the eggrolls. Oh well. Maybe we will try some leftover fried chicken in them.
(We got WM fried chicken for lunch.)

I suppose I better get busy around here again... my bathroom needs attention, and my sheets for making the bed will be out of the dryer in a few minutes.

Hope YOUR day has gone better than mine!

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Mom said...

Hey, sounds like your day was productive at least...to say mine wasn't would be an understatement for sure! Jerri did call to let me know "who was there and how it went" We (read SHE) talked about 45 minutes. Rick came by ..they stayed the usual 20 minutes...We have to go back to get Ralph's stress test results in the morning..hope they are good. I made soup for dinner out of last night's 'roast'...it was pretty tasty.. I sent some home with Rick and Jackie...it always makes way much for us, and you know how popular leftovers are around here. I am so glad we opted out on the GRAND SLAM breakfast..there was a terrible accident about the time we had started to go almost right in front of Denny's (under the overpass for the freeway). I changed my mind about going when I thought of the lines around the building. Well I had better get off here and do something!!