Friday, November 20, 2009

Best layed plans

and all that.
The original Thanksgiving plans appear to be scrapped. At least as far as timing and such. But over the years, I have learned to be flexible... and that more you plan to the Nth degree, the more likely things are to go wrong.
Thanksgiving dinner at 6:00 PM next Thursday. We will have a big brunch earlier in the day and plenty of snacks and such. Mr C will (probably) be working until 5:30. Ben is (supposed) to get off at 2:00 PM. Tommy and Becky will arrive when they arrive... depends on how early they actually get out the door Thursday morning, and how many baby stops they have to make along the way. Roger isn't coming, he will be going to our Dad's house instead. Stephen has to work... DARN! Except the year that Jack passed away and Stephen accompanied Becky to Ohio for the funeral, I don't think he has ever had Thanksgiving with our family.

The fewer number of folks here on Wednesday won't stop the enchiladas... the leftovers will be great for snacking on Thursday, with dinner being so late.

I pick up Connor and Alana Tuesday evening. I will do the last of the shopping that day, I think. (Jennifer, what sort of breakfast cereals and pop do the kids like?)

Bill and Glynna: Any idea of your date of arrival yet? What sort of things should I have for Nickole to munch on? You can either comment the answers here, or email me. (Hey there is even that novel device called a telephone... but as Ben said, "Mom, that's so 20th Century!")

Have a blessed day everyone. This is my "Monday", and I know I have to work full shifts every day this weekend.

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