Monday, November 23, 2009

I saw GROWNUPS next door....

A rare thing with those little kids. Two adult women out looking concerned and yelling, as we drove up from our trip to town.
No bodies floating in the pond... a good thing. (The kids have been down there shoving one another in all weekend, no adults in sight.)

So as we finished carting in the last of the groceries, we finally see the kids running towards their home... mere specks on the property behind ours. They had gone FAR afield. Wonder if the walloping they are getting will keep them closer to home, or if the mother's scare will cause her to keep a closer eye on them? Probably NOT.

I suppose I ought to call my "break" over and get back to work around here! We decided to do our errands this morning, library and grocery store. The turkey is in to thaw. About all I need now are some Debbie snacks. I figure to get those on the way to get the kids tomorrow. We are fixed up for spaghetti and salad tomorrow evening, sandwiches Wednesday noon, enchiladas Wednesday evening, brunch and snacks Thursday until supper... and leftovers after that!

We will start baking Wednesday. Hoo boy! I am having fun!

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