Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Day

We were up and busy early on today. Right now, we are having a SECOND break. (Or second breakfast, as the case may be for some of the kids.)

The front room is presentable, though the kitchen is in shambles. Ben has been working on his room and doing a mighty fine job of it. I am breaking from the laundry room... where about five loads of clothes magically appeared today, despite me having asked for "all" the dirty clothes yesterday. I guess we need to work on the definition of "all". The laundry room is our 'catch all' room. It has packed boxes, ready for our big move. It has Tom's dresser, my big desk, the washer and dryer, Tom's extra mechanics tool box, a chest freezer, and a refrigerator. Seldom used items are stored here. I am preparing it to be used as a bedroom. Mostly, I am sneezing. Whether it is from dust, or must, or what... I am almost to the point of NEEDING an antihistamine.

We have dug the extra leaves for the table out of the closet, and the extra flatware. I got myself a new set of drinking glasses a couple of weeks ago, and room has been made for them in the cupboard. The extra groceries and snacks have been laid in... bring on the family!

Well, there was the last swallow of my hot tea... I suppose I better get back to work. May your day be as blessed as mine!

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