Monday, November 30, 2009


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had 19 people in this small house for dinner Thursday. My turkey was dry, the ham was overcooked, I burned the sweet potatoes and the stuffing... but we had a great visit. For once, Grandma Ruby's Hot Rolls turned out perfectly.

Mom and Ralph brought up their travel trailer, but I still had kids "camping" out in the van. Friday, Tom and I took the kids and grandkids ice skating. Mr C did his grandpa thing pretty well, helping the kids on the ice after getting them all skated up. I got to hold Kimber and take pictures.

The house is completely wrecked... the TSD wallowed on pillows and blankets that were removed from the temporary beds. I had planned to keep the pillows and blankets CLEAN, leaving only sheets to wash. But... I went to work and the boys and Mr C let the TSD do whatever. Mr C thinks "spraying them with febreeze" will be fine. NOT! They WILL be rewashed.

Dan and Sam want to go to the library today. It might happen. But first, I have December birthdays to think about: Tom's sister on the 4th, Jade on the 7th, Nola and Lalani on the 8th, Chris on the 12th, Becky on the 16th... and so on all month. Becky was already 'presented', so I only have Chris and Jade to get something for. I have cards on hand for the ones I don't get gifts for. Tomorrow is the 1st of December. WHERE did this year go?

At least the laundry is started, schoolwork going, Matt still sleeping. Guess Thanksgiving really wore him out! I better find more to do than play online! Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

I thought the complete dinner was great!!! (of course the best part was that I got to sit and hold baby girls and let you do all the work haha) And I love the 'burnt crusties on the dressing..that is my favorite part. it wasn't really burned, just very brown :) Can't wait to get copies of the pictures ordered so I can show off the 'grandies'. Thank you for a wonderful visit