Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ch-ch-ch- changes....

There are all sorts of changes. Diaper changes, seasonal changes, changes of mind, heart, plans.

And schedules. Once again, my work schedule has changed for this week. To this, I say HOORAY! Instead of every afternoon, plus the regular Friday- Sunday, I had lasterday afternoon, and then... my regular Fri-Sunday!
Next week, I pick up an all-day Tuesday. (12-7 pm). That makes up for missing Friday- when the store is closed. I will have Saturday, and Sunday.

After the first of the year, I will have a radical change... maybe. Boss Man is looking for permission to create a new position: Tue-Fri 4:00 am - 9am, +/- . I would check in the pallet(s) of freight, put it away, process returns, and do any planogram changes. I go home each day when I finish, which would depend on the amount of freight, returns and whether or not I had a planogram. One person who does freight, without the distractions of telephone and customer service, would be a big boon to everyone. I would have to have Dan or Sam "watch" Matthew from the time he arrived, until I got home on the one or two days a week that overlap. He arrives asleep, and usually sleeps until after 9; and on occasion has been known to sleep until 11:00am. So there wouldn't be a lot of actual 'work' involved there.

And whether or not the new slot gains approval... I will be off on Sundays, by mutual agreement. I would work Thursday afternoons instead of Sunday, and continue with Fri & Sat as I have now.

Ok, that was boring. But it is my blog and these changes affect me... and sometimes other people. So you get to hear it.

This has been a year of changes for us. Vast upheavals in our lives, the lives of our family members. Many of the upheavals were unexpected and unwelcomed. God shook us up and set us down and pointed lives in a new direction. We had dark secrets brought into the light, and have dealt with the aftermath.
Some of our changes this year were expected, and welcomed with open arms. Two new babies joined the family. Babies change the dynamics of a family. A new person in the mix. Each one is unique, and adds to the whole.

All of the upheavals have changed the landscape of the family as surely as an earthquake changes the physical landscape of the area it strikes.
The new year is coming. I wonder what changes it is going to brink in its wake?

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Mom said...

Where is the part about your little girl....her 'birthday blog' always write one on their HAPPY BIRTHDAY