Sunday, December 13, 2009


After 9 days straight, I am off... today and tomorrow. From O'Reilly's, at least. I do have Matthew. I will have Matthew AND O's Tues and Wed., then just O's Thurs-Sunday. Raking in some hours.

Yesterday, my oldest DS turned 30! This has been a year of milestone birthdays. Dan and Sam, my "babies" are 13. My middle kid, Ben, turned 21. (My mommy can look forward to next year, when her oldest child turns 50!)

I woke up shortly after midnight last night, and tossed and turned a couple of hours before resorting to NyQuil to fall back to sleep. That left me groggy this morning... I just couldn't wake up... and laid abed until 9:45. Yikes!

Nothing much new going on here.
Looking forward to visiting my Dad and Moms next week.
Hope you have a great day!

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