Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some done...

Yesterday, I got the two soonest birthdays I buy gifts for taken care of.
Jade and Chris are both getting books! I got a card in the mail for Teeny. (Tom's sister). I got Bill and Glynna's forgotten packet of Nickole pictures sent back to them. (Please don't forget to send one to Gma Kathie once they arrive!)

I got holiday presents for Connor and Alana on behalf of their Dad, who cannot shop for himself right now. I forgot gift wrap, so will have to get that at a dollar store, as I sure don't intend to go back to a WalMart, nor a mall before the month is out.
(I will force Benny to get the groceries, as he is there anyway!, or just shop at the grocery next door to O'Reilly's.)

We got at least half a dozen loads of laundry done yesterday, and are started on it again today. Dan and Sam are doing school work. They have been learning to draw and do some flash animation. Ben got a drawing pad that allows them to draw directly into the computer. I may let them use my camera later to try a flash animation using Lego's instead of drawn pictures. Sam's art is REALLY getting good. He had been imitating some of Benjamin's drawings, but has now moved into his own.

For supper tonight: Fajita's. I have tortillas and bell peppers that have to be used up soon. (Yeah, I pick the bell peppers out of mine... ewww!) Probably have the boys chop "ump" the rest of the bell peppers and go ahead and freeze them. The veggie tray remainders will be steamed and served up as a side dish. (Yes you were right, I bought too much fresh veggies. Eat them and shut up!)

Yawn. I have no idea why I have remained so sleepy lately. I have headed to bed by 7 several nights of late. I can't 'sleep in' around here, I have to be up by 6:45 on days with Matthew, and not long past that on the days I work at O's.

Guess I better get back to Matt, laundry, and school. Have a great day!

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