Friday, December 4, 2009

Another hour...

Until my work weekend begins. I am sort of stressed out here, between (home)school and a possible crisis here. (I am unable to discuss it at this time, since things may just blow over.) The school, at least, Mr C has stepped up and helped. (Sam has been mouthy about doing several subjects he feels are below his abilities).

Yesterday, Dan wore the chain maille that the boys have put together when we went to the library. The gentle clinking sounded like a distant Salvation Army bell ringer. He had many folks gather around to hear about how they had created the maille out of a roll of fencing wire.

Funny about the SA bell ringers. As we approached the WalMart entrance where a bell ringer stood... Daniel whispers, "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!" (A line from a Monty Python movie.) I will never be able to walk past one of these bell ringers again without giggling at the remembrance. Our family has the weirdest sense of humor.

The gumbo I made for supper turned out pretty well. Not exactly like Seneca's, but still good. I even added okra. (Adding OK is a big deal for me... I can't stand the slime it makes. Instead of fresh okra, I used some breaded frozen okra, which I deep fried first. Cooked the snot slime right out of it. Maybe I better have a nice bowl of gumbo before heading off to work.

I did get some lactose digesting enzyme yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I came in starving and had some leftover spinach dip from Thanksgiving (part of an unused jar). It was all I had eaten all day... and when the lactose symptoms hit me... THEN I read the jar: Contains Milk and Soy products! Too late for the enzyme. I did put the enzyme to the test this morning... I took some, then had a bowl of cereal. I was miserable in five minutes, with the 'choking' feeling milk products cause in the hiatus hernia. But in a short time, even that feeling passed. (When the 'choking' feeling hits, it usually lasts for hours.)

Guess its time for me to get ready to go. Have a great weekend!

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truth said...

You can successfully get rid of milk from your diet. It isn't easy, but you can do it.

Two weeks into the celiac diet for Elisabeth I asked her how she was doing. She said for the first time she can remember, she didn't have a stomach ache when she woke up. I wish she could have been diagnosed back when she was younger. During 6th grade, I ended up homeschooling because she went to the nurse every day with a stomach ache. Of course the nurse thought she was faking.