Monday, December 28, 2009

Start of a new week

Yesterday was Mr C's birthday. I worked all day. He was home for the delivery of the washing machine. He washed a load... I was too tired to mess with it. So I am on my second load this morning. It smells... like oil burning. I trust it is just the motor lubricant from the manufacturing, and will eventually stop stinking.
Neither of Tom's birthday presents arrived Saturday. Using online tracking... it appears they will not arrive today either. Guess he will be calling the washing machine his birthday present. The last one was an anniversary present: we had the washer AND the stove go out within days of one another, so the appliances were our 'gifts' to one another. The stove was left behind when we moved from Central High. He had a cherry cheater pie... dumped canned cherry pie filling into a granola crust and called it done.

The boys want/ need to go to the library today. I have to deposit my check, and I need to wash the road salt/ grime off the car if the car wash is open. It IS supposed to get up to 30 or so today. It hasn't been above 25 since I got home Friday. The roads are mostly cleared off, but the ground is still snow covered.

As soon as the boys finish their math, we will head off to town. Hope you all have a great day!

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