Monday, December 21, 2009

Made it through the weekend!

Did I mention that while I was at the doc's office Friday, I actually had a fever? I assumed it was a side effect of concussing. I was feeling pretty peaked Saturday and mentioned the fever seemed to be up. Two co- workers and a customer took giant steps back from me, and said fever is NOT a side effect of concussion. I was in fact, sick, to add insult to injury. The co- workers decided I should go home. I didn't argue.

At least not til I got home. Seems like I was so crabby Mr C thought I should go right to bed. Then I argued. But not long. I was "curdled" up under the covers before 5:00 pm. I stayed pretty much right there until time for work Sunday.

It was the Tammy and Vanessa show Sunday. We were the only two on duty. It is pretty peeving to have a customer call, then start down the list of guys: "Is Jeff there?" No, he works Mon.-Fri." "Let me have Tim then" "Tim took the weekend off" "How about Dave?".....
and so on until they figure out they HAVE to talk to a girl. "Well maybe you can help me" (said with a deep sigh and obvious regret in the voice.) Then they ask a simple question that any newby can answer from their first day on the job. Anyway, the girls muddled through the day without wrecking the store completely. (Vanessa is the only certified mechanic in the store, even when the guys ARE there).

I was feeling quite a bit better. Not as much better as I felt after taking a couple of ibuprofen, though. I could sure tell when they wore off. I'm still not quite up to speed. I had fully intended to go see Connor and Alana in their "Drama" at church last night. I got off work and headed home, and didn't remember it until it was almost over. Probably just as well I didn't go spread germs around.

I have a follow-up doctor's appointment this morning at 8:30. Then we will be getting this place ready so that Dan and Sam and I can go to my Dad's Wednesday and Thursday. Tom and Benny will be home with the TSD. I work a full shift tomorrow, and we head out early Weds., so this may be my last blog until next week... unless I happen into some computer time!

Have a blessed day and a wonderful week!

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