Friday, December 25, 2009

home again, home again, jiggity jig

I went to East Texas to have a "family dinner" with my parents, and their spouses, yesterday. Two of my brothers and two of my children got to be there as well.
A winter storm swept yesterday evening. It gave many a "white Christmas". For me, a driving challenge. The twins and I hit the remnants of the storm 30 miles south of McAlester, OK. From there, we were lucky to hit 50 MPH. McAlester is more than 100 miles from my house.

We made it safely home. I have tense neck muscles... or maybe swollen lymph glands. Or both. At any rate, both boys complained about the amount of Advil I was taking. (1 every 2 hours). I was happy to stand in the steaming shower tonight. I am happy to report my Adult Beverage consumption is down... only 4 nights of the last 9. I needed it tonight. Shut up.

Tomorrow is 8-5, Sunday is 9-4. I need to go in to work Tuesday to reset the sales. Yawn. Guess when my hair dries... or maybe even sooner.. I am headed off to bed.
Hope everyone had a blessed day, even if it wasn't truly the anniversary of the birth if the Christ.

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