Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today. I have to start today by filling in yesterday. Yesterday I went to the doc for the follow up visit regarding the concussion. Doc says I'm better.
On my way home, I stopped by the bank to cash my babysitting check, in anticipation of the trip to Dad's house. (Which would involve Tomorrow, but I'm still working on Yesterday so I can get to Today. You did follow that, didn't you?) The bank is in the same parking lot as O'Reilly's... and I saw my boss and a couple of my co-workers standing outside admiring a car. (They are guys. They notice cars. They admire them. Kind of like girls notice babies and guys don't? Only in reverse.)

Anyway, I haven't actually seen the boss man since bonking my bean, so I drove on over. We chatted for a few minutes, and he asked me about my schedule for this week. I told him I was scheduled for Tuesday. He said I should just take the day off and rest, since I had the long drive ahead of me Wednesday. So... I don't have to work today! Which is just as well, because I have a lot of work to do today.

One thing I get to do is go to the LAUNDROMAT! Won't that be ever so fun?
My washing machine went from making grindy noises over the last few weeks to making a positively alarming and scary racket yesterday. It still works.... but is almost deafening in its protests. I was sure it was time to replace the machine. Tom looked at it and was going to disassemble it. I got online and had a really quick diagnosis. The "dogs" are worn out. The "dogs" (really, that is the name of the part!) keep the agitator from spinning backwards. Replacing them ($7.50 plus $5.00 postage) involves removing ONE bolt... from the top of the machine, even.

Of course, Mr C didn't think this could possibly be the problem. I tossed a few clothes in for a "demo" while he called his brother, the handyman. They had pretty well decided the problem was in the motor, when the spin cycle came and you could hear the screaming dogs- and the agitator catching on the clothes and banging backwards. Mr C decided I just might be right in the diagnosis.

A simple, cheap fix. I could probably have drove to Fayetteville or someplace and had the parts TODAY. Instead, I ordered them online from the guy whose online repair guide has saved my machine more than once. He is in PA, and probably buried in snow... so I don't look for the package before Saturday, at the earliest.

And if the problem isn't fixed, maybe the guys are right after all.... and I need a new machine. But for $12.50, I figure we have to TRY to fix it.

Meanwhile, Mt. Washmore hasn't stopped reaching new heights. With me planning to be gone a few days... I have to tackle laundry today. Hence, the laundromat.

The floors need to be swept and mopped, and we still have to equalize the air pressure in the tires. Dan checked them for me yesterday: 32, 30, 30, and 28. You should of seen the look of horror I got when I suggested instead of dragging the air compressor out to the car, we just let air out until all the tires were at 28.
(Hey I was just kidding!)

Dan cleaned out and vaccuumed the car. He's good like that. My car is generally fairly clean anyway. I don't leave trash in it when I get out.... unless it is when I get out and stagger inside after a long trip. Anyway... today is laundry, house cleaning, and trip prep. Guess I best get with the program!
Have a blessed day!

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