Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gotta love my kids

When I arrived home yesterday, I discovered these guys in my fridge:
They are just regular eggs, not even hard boiled. (Ben was bored... each egg is hoping he won't be chosen to be cracked next!)

On the way home,in the snow, we crossed a river. The snow is the height of the guardrails.

The "dogs" did not fix my washing machine... so for Tom's birthday, I got a new washer. Not the one I wanted. But one that "will do". It is a "Roper", as cheap as they come. And with free delivery, set up; and pick up of the old machine. Lowes is delivering tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Mr C's birthday. He wanted a cherry pie. I got a can of cheater cherry pie filling. Maybe I will remember to get ice cream to top it with. I was sent home early today, lack of customers. Tomorrow is another "ladies' day" at our O'Reilly's, with Vanessa and I running the show all day. Tom's birthday presents failed to arrive on time... a new "glance" (what he calls a watch... it ought to be a glance because you don't WATCH it, you glance at it when you want to know what time it is.) and a set of Marx Brother's DVD's. He has the same movies on tape, recorded off the TV, but they are getting too snowy to watch.

Speaking of snow... our roads are fairly clear, but getting Ben's truck out this afternoon was sure a challenge. I finally grabbed the bag of kitty litter left over from Al and we used it for traction. (We took Ben's truck, figuring to bring a washing machine home. But with free delivery AND haul off, we didn't need it.)

I had more pictures to add to this, but the blogger photo is refusing to co-operate. Oh well. I will save them for another post.
Have a blessed day.

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Becky said...

Ben is just way too awesome.